"2020 Coffee Cards & Vouchers Expo at Taiwan"  Participation Measures (draft)
2019/12/28 RevB

First of all, I would like to thank all collectors for their attention, intention to participate and supports for the "2020 Coffee Cards & Vouchers Expo" at Taiwan.

Exhibition schedule: 2020/07/03-2020/07/09, 1 week.
Exhibition time: 10:00-21:00
Exhibition location: Taipei, Taiwan.  Several candidates, could be 4F, building 101 Taipei, under discussions.

Exhibits collection and participation instructions:

1. This is the first "2020 Coffee Cards & Vouchers Expo" at Taiwan, hereinafter referred to as "this exhibition". The collection collection category is coffee related categories. For example, "cards, vouchers, postcards, envelopes", as long as they constitute All exhibits related to the "Coffee related portfolios" can be registered to participate.

2. There are two types of card collections in this exhibition, one is the competition portfolio; the other is the non-competition portfolio. The competition portfolio is mainly based on thematic works, and the organizer will hire professionals to draft and formulate the review rules for this portfolio competition. Members of the professional review committee will fair the participating card collections based on the formulated competition rules after the exhibition opens , Fair and reasonable review, the championships, gold, silver and copper prizes and honorary awards are awarded, and the corresponding certificates and bonuses are issued. Traditional and historical works can also register for non-competition works, but do not participate in competitions and awards. The organizer will uniformly award "honour awards", and issue related exhibition certificates and souvenirs.

3. The number of pages in the exhibition's portfolio is a full frame, one frame is 16 standard page patches, which is a multiple of 16 required, that is, 16, 32, 48 ... It is an international standard patch specification of 23cm * 29cm and 46cm * 29cm. The large patch is 8 stickers per frame. According to the FIP rules, slight errors are allowed. The number of frames in a portfolio is determined by the content provider itself, and the number of frames in a portfolio that exceeds one frame is unlimited.

4. The collection of works collected in this exhibition is from now until May 30, 2020. Registration is by correspondence or by LINE, WeChat, Facebook, and registration by submitting the registration form. The deadline for registration is May 30, 2020. To register, you must complete the following information, mainly in English, and supplemented by Chinese if possible.  Organizer could help in Chinese if required.  

Real name exhibition, could be New York: John, Taipei: Henry Chen; please avoid nick name as fishman  
• Folio category, name, for examples of
 Thematic theme category "Taiwan Features and Chinese Culture and Customs of Carrie 101 Building";
 Thematic theme category "Starbucks Card Specimens", Thematic theme category is based on storytelling of exhibited works.
 The traditional category "incredible 1+? Coffee Bean Cards", etc. The traditional category is mainly for display works, supplemented by explanations.  

Number of frames and page stickers; for example: 16 frames for 1 frame, 32 frames for 2 frames, 80 frames for 5 frames, etc.  
All registered portfolios are required to select a 4-5 page patch for uploading to the Internet. The upload page must include the "outline and plan" post.
• For all exhibits, the first page of the first page must have the theme and summary, and the last page must have an introduction by the author.  

The registration deadline is May 30, 2020. The organizer will select special personnel to screen the portfolios for registration.
The exhibition card collection will be delivered to the special personnel designated by the organizer before June 15, 2020, and the exhibition organizer will arrange the exhibition.

5. Contacts for Card Collection: service@twncards.com.

6. Application Form Download Point

7. Organizers:
Taiwan Cards Collectors Club
Coffee Cards & Coupons Collectors Club, C5 (FB Group)
Starbucks Bearista -Take bear to everywhere (FB Group)
Starbucks Postcard Exchange(FB Group)

8. Co-organizers:
• MR. Brown Cafe (under invitation)

• Uni-President (Starbucks Taiwan, under invitation
• Assis Cafe

Middle Taiwan Card Info
(FB Group)
• 2019 the 9th China Card Expo (Organizer Experience Sharing)

• Other co-organizers to be added
(under invitations)

9. Media Supports
• Friends of China Metrocards (Media)
China Metro Card Web at www.metrocard.net.cn

China Card Collectors Web www.chinajika.com

10.  Regist List of scheduled exhibits, so far: (Registered but not reviewed, sorted by submission time)
• Traditional category: "Incredible Fine Coffee Bean Cards", Taiwan
• Thematic category: "Taiwanese characteristics and humanities on Starbucks Taiwan Cards", Taiwan
• Thematic category: "Starbucks Card Specimens", Taiwan
• Thematic category: "Coupon Marketing Stories", Taiwan
• Traditional category: "City Cafe Coffee Point Collection Cards", Taiwan
• Traditional category: "12 Zodiac Stories on Coffee Cards", Shanghai
• Traditional category: "Appreciation of Starbucks China Cards", Shanghai
• Thematic category: "101 Building cards word Taiwan", Taiwan

Appendix 1:
Rules for the production of exhibits (partial reference to the FIP original philately review rules 2012 Jakarta version)

Article 1:
Competitive exhibition The principle for exhibits of competitive exhibits is that the four are as harmonious as possible with each other. They can be mixed or displayed in separate categories, but the theme must be coffee related collections. To render:

1.1. Standard Cards, for those that meet the ISO7813 specification, ID-1 has a size of 85.60 × 53.98 mm (3.370 × 2.125 inches), which is often used for stored-value cards, ticket cards, bank cards (debit cards, credit cards), and membership cards.
1.2. Die Cut Cards, Plastic cards, paper cards, cards of various types.
1.3. Coffee Bean Cards, Café cards, labels, etc. issued by coffee companies.

1.4. Voucher & Coupons, Participate in the form of tickets, do not deliberately cut.
1.5. Postcards, As far as possible, relevant stamps can be stamped, or not stamped.
1.6. Envelopes, Postmarked as far as possible, unpostmarket is acceptable also.

Article 2:
Principles of Composition of Exhibits The constituent elements of exhibited works must meet the following characteristics:

2.1. Cards and vouchers are permitted as long as they are provided for public use, publicly, whether by payment or gift card to be obtained within a certain time. Cards that have not been publicly issued by the issuing unit, such as test cards, sample cards, prototype cards, trial printing cards, or unissued cards, can also be exhibited, focusing on thematic discussions to achieve discussion effects or thematic presentation, which can be used.
2.2. Postcards, postcard sizes must comply with the relevant provisions of the Universal Postal Union. However, square or rectangular postcards sold on the market are acceptable, but the size of the postcard is limited to A4 (210 x 297 cm), and only two postcard cards can be placed on one poster. Respecting the designer, we strictly limit the size of postcards through cropping.
2.3. Exhibits classification Exhibits can be classified as follows:
(1) Competition portfolio: Thematic portfolio, which focuses on the presentation of the theme through collection theory, and the story must be complete;
(2) Non-competition collections: Traditional collections are supplemented by presentations of collections, supplemented by descriptions. Informal freelancer.
2.4. Outline, the title and outline must be perfectly integrated with the exhibit materials. The concept, structure and expansion of the exhibits must be clearly stated.

Article 3:
In order to encourage participation and collection, the evaluation criteria and evaluation of the exhibits are as follows. The quality and rareness of the materials are slightly lower than the international exhibition evaluation criteria.

40%- Handling and importance of exhibits
30%- Knowledge and research
20%- The quality and rarity of the material
10%- Outlooks

Article 4: Final clauses
4.1. If there are any differences due to the translation of the text, the original version shall prevail.
4.2. Restricted-level protection-level collections are prohibited from participating in the exhibition, and must comply with national ordinary-level exhibition regulations. If the exhibits do not meet the requirements, the organizer has the right to ask the author to modify or prohibit the participation.
4.3. The above rules of participation refer to the rules for exhibits of international exhibitions, and the organizer may revise them at any time.